Don’t be in a Semrush to try SEO Solo

Search engine optimisation (SEO), is one of the most important digital marketing strategies for boosting valuable website traffic and leads.

SEO is vital for businesses to thrive in the competitive digital landscape. With effective SEO strategies, businesses can improve their online visibility and drive more organic traffic to their websites. 

In addition, real-time analytics of this traffic provides valuable insights into user behavior, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions and optimise their overall digital marketing efforts.

SEO can be difficult to understand, but software like Semrush makes it more manageable for those without real SEO knowledge.

What is Semrush?

Semrush is a comprehensive digital marketing tool used by businesses worldwide. It provides valuable insights and data-driven solutions for SEO, keyword research, competitor analysis, and much more. It also tracks website performance, analyses traffic sources, and monitors social media engagement. 

In addition, semrush identifies valuable keywords for your digital campaigns by sifting huge sources of data to identify trends that are occurring within your industry segment or product classification. It audits your on-page website content against millions of keyword searches and helps you improve your page’s response rate, based on popular terms and specific answers.

It can also determine what keywords your competition is using and how they rank in the search engines. It gives you a clearer insight on what terms they are using to position and differentiate their product and therefore the inside track on how you compare and ultimately which high-performing keywords to use in order to outrank the competition.

Can I Do SEO Myself?

Ultimately, the Semrush software is designed for people who want to deliver more effective digital marketing. Even if they have limited experience or knowledge, Semrush makes it easier for them to understand basic SEO practices enabling them to implement better tactics. 

Using a free Semrush Account 

The entry level for Semrush is free; it can be used without a subscription, making it very accessible, even to the smallest of businesses. 

With a free account, you can run keyword searches, analyse your competitors and track your keyword rankings. You can also run a website audit, and monitor your status in local listings or directories.  

If you are stuck for content ideas, you have access to the SEO Content Template and by inputting one or more target keywords, get insights into your competition, relevant keywords your content should include, and even what length your copy could be. Plus, once you have started to create your new on-page copy, you can use an SEO Writing Assistant, which suggests ways to optimise your copy and improve its readability. You can even analyse a campaign landing page but adding the URL to the On Page SEO Checker to see ways to improve the target page’s content. 

Semrush can also help detect plagiarism, check your websites load speed and accessibility.

But if you are thinking about integrating Semrush into your marketing strategy without any support, you need to know that in all the above cases, a free account means you can use the relevant tools only for a limited scope of work.

Another option is to outsource your SEO to a specialist agency who has access to the paid version of Semrush. 

Outsourcing SEO

Outsourcing your SEO to a specialist digital marketing agency means they will create an effective SEO strategy, manage your SEO activities, or make recommendations to improve your existing SEO to increase your on-line visibility and drive more of the right type of organic traffic to your website. 

SEO comprises many activities, including keyword research, link building, technical SEO, and local SEO. The services you can expect by outsourcing your SEO are typically: 

SEO Strategy and planning

Keyword Research

Competitor analysis

Market Research

Technical SEO

SEO Audit and Analysis

Copywriting and optimisation


Local SEO

Off-page Link Building 

Reporting and analysis 

As this list ought to suggest, SEO is a complex concept. It is a practice that demands a lot of time, effort and resources. It certainly cannot be done by business owners in their spare time.

And, since it’s an investment of time, business owners need to decide what their time is worth and if they can actually afford to allocate it to things like learning and doing SEO properly.

Doing things the wrong way or pursuing questionable practices that are no longer effective can often do a businesses on-line profile more harm than good. 

In House Semrush vs. an SEO company: Which is better?

With so many features available in its free package, you may start wondering  if it’s better to use software like Semrush yourself rather than hire an SEO company to improve your SEO.

If you have the time and patience to learn about SEO, Semrush is a great option. It gives you the ability to control your SEO plans and makes it easy to understand how to implement the basics. The drawback is that you’ll need to rely either on your own ability or that of a member of staff to implement your strategy, which means a load more time spent planning and monitoring your SEO campaign than on any other projects.

Plus, following recent Google updates, SEO practitioners now have to work much harder to generate significant ROI. The techniques and practices used today are different and far more complex than the ones that were used only two years ago.

Additional Digital Marketing Specialisms 

Given the breadth of functionality available to businesses in Semrush, perhaps, what makes working with a specialist SEO agency like Market Rocket most appealing is the fact that in addition to access to the latest paid-for digital marketing tools and resources, our experienced SEO practitioners are supported by other marketing specialists who can provide all of the skills and knowledge needed to bring the most effective SEO-related plans to life.

As well as technical SEO specialists, Market Rocket employs experts in marketing strategy, account handling, content writing, link building and website development, which means we can focus on improving every SEO-related aspect of your marketing strategy. 

This is why we think outsourcing your SEO to an agency, like ours, is the best way of ensuring your SEO efforts are taken care of by people who have some genuine experience in this field.

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