Email Marketing

Want to connect with customers, boost website traffic, nurture leads, and increase revenue for your business? Email marketing consistently offers some of the highest ROIs amongst all forms of digital marketing because you can:

  • segment your audience for precision campaign targeting
  • create highly personalised content
  • drive traffic to your site with multiple links and CTAs
  • drive traffic to your social media channels
  • see instant results by encouraging immediate action
  • promote new products or services as soon as they launch
  • nurture leads and customers with automated messaging
  • recover abandoned carts
  • strengthen relationships with customers
  • increase brand awareness
  • build credibility for your brand
  • gather feedback to improve products, services, and processes
  • time campaign delivery for maximum effect
  • customise the appearance of your emails
  • measure campaign KPIs for better optimisation

If you want all of this and more, get in touch with our email marketing experts to discuss how we can help your business grow.

Gain an

Engaged audience

Because email marketing is one of a small selection of channels that consumers actively opt in to receive, you can promote products, services, offers, and news to an already engaged audience, allowing for much higher conversion rates.


Audience segmentation

Not only are your email subscribers already engaged with your business, but you can also segment your audience in almost any way you like, allowing for highly precise campaign targeting. Want to separate your audience based on certain demographics or send different emails to B2B and B2C customers? Done. Want to send a special offer to repeat or new customers? Sorted. Want to offer first dibs on a new product to customers that have bought similar products in the past? Boom! Mission accomplished. Want to remind subscribers about an offer they clicked on in the last email you sent? Ooooossshhh! You can do that too! Gather data through sign-up forms, feedback forms sent via email, social media links, website analytics, email campaign KPIs, and more to create in-depth and precise audience segmentation, and deliver more personalised and relevant content. You can do all sorts of amazing things with audience segmentation to increase sales and customer engagement and retention.

maximise retention with

Email automation

You can create a huge range of automated emails to nurture leads and customers, reward loyalty, recover missed sales opportunities, notify interested customers about stock replenishments, and show that you value your customers. Here are just a few examples of how you can increase sales, traffic, and brand awareness and loyalty with some simple email automations: Create an onboarding or “welcome” email automation to nurture new subscribers and encourage a stronger interaction with your business. Encourage repeat business with a time-sensitive discount code sent with an order confirmation. Send anniversary or milestone emails. Celebrate your customers’ birthdays with a discount code or offer sent on the day or reward loyalty with a free gift or special coupon after a specific number of purchases or time spent as a customer. Send an automated reminder about abandoned carts and offer a discount to reel them back in or to those who clicked on a previous offer but didn’t make a purchase. Automatically update customers about a restock when they click an “email me when back in stock” button on your site. Send a “we miss you” email after a certain amount of inactivity, maybe with an offer to entice them back or a survey to find out how their buying habits have changed. Send renewal notifications when memberships are due to expire with a reminder of the benefits of membership. Cross-sell and upsell products that customers might be interested in based on the purchases they make. As you can see, the possibilities of email automation are far reaching and the potential for increased sales is huge!

with email marketing

Increase ROI, drive website traffic, and improve conversion rates

We’ve been creating highly effective email marketing campaign strategies for years and our email marketing experts can: Boost open rates with enticing subject lines Increase click-through rates (CTRs) with compelling content and strong CTAs Improve click-to-open rates (CTOs) thanks to campaign optimisation Decrease unsubscribe rates through audience segmentation and personalisation Reduce bounce rates with efficient list management and verification methods Increase email subscriptions and sign-ups with a powerful engagement strategy Improve audience segmentation with effectual sign-up forms and data analysis Increase conversion rates thanks to all of the above as well as creating high quality, engaging, relevant content



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