Amazon Audits

In the fast-paced world of Amazon selling, data-driven decisions are paramount to outmanoeuvring your competition and securing a dominant market position. Our service is meticulously designed to arm you with the critical insights necessary for making strategic decisions that will grow your sales and significantly increase traffic. Our streamlined booking process makes it easy to get started – simply select your desired service, complete your purchase, and our team will be in touch to initiate the appraisal process.


Our driver is redefining what’s possible for brands on the world’s largest marketplace. Our SPN accredited & Amazon Ads Partner Agency is built on a foundation of first-hand success and driven by a passion for innovative, out-of-the-box thinking. Our experienced team of Amazon experts leverage granular marketplace insights and a conversions focused approach to propel your brand to new heights of discoverability and profitability. By adopting a bird’s eye view of the Amazon landscape, we identify untapped opportunities and execute strategies that elevate your brand to a level of its own.


Our team is a collective of elite Amazon professionals, whose experience spans from guiding Fortune 500 companies to nurturing startups, across every imaginable subcategory within the Amazon ecosystem. Our expertise is not just broad but deep, ensuring that no matter your brand's size or niche, we bring unparalleled understanding and insight. Every expert on our team boasts firsthand experience in collaborating with a diverse portfolio of brands, offering a rich tapestry of knowledge that is both extensive and nuanced.


We pride ourselves on utilising only industry-leading tools to gather precise, actionable data. This data is then meticulously curated to not only make sense to you but to be contextualised within the framework of our vast experience. This approach allows us to craft strategies that are rooted firmly in data, eliminating guesswork and ensuring that every decision is informed and strategic. Our commitment is to empower your Amazon journey with insights and strategies that are both innovative and grounded in solid, real-world application, paving the way for your brand's success and growth on the Amazon platform.


We understand that the key to impactful decision-making lies in not just having data, but having the right data, presented in a way that aligns with your specific needs and goals. Our customisable reporting is designed to do just that - show you exactly what you want and need to see. We offer a comprehensive suite of audit packages, ranging from detailed listing and SEO appraisals, which include essential indexing reporting to ensure your products are ranking organically, to intricate inventory management reporting, advertising audits, and strategic overviews. Our expertise covers the entire Amazon spectrum; if it's measurable on Amazon, we can draw precise data on it to inform decision-making and provide targeted advice.


Our commitment extends beyond delivering reports; we guarantee to guide you through the data, clarifying its implications and outlining actionable strategies to enhance your sales growth. With Market Rocket, you're not just receiving data; you're gaining clarity and direction to navigate the Amazon marketplace with confidence.


Dive deep into the performance of your product listings with our thorough assessment service.

We provide:

  • Detailed report that evaluates your listing against best practices and compliance standards, including a scorecard
  • SEO audit to clarify which search terms your product is organically indexed for, ensuring maximum visibility.
  • Review your images and A+ content to advise on improving conversions
  • Analyse discoverability opportunities through front-end accessible attribute appraisals 
  • Insightful feedback from customer reviews to highlight recurring themes


Amazon Category and Competitor Analysis

Gain strategic insights with our detailed analysis of your product or brand’s subcategory.

We provide:

  • In-depth, real-time data, including estimated sales figures for competitors and the total market demand for your product type

This analysis not only uncovers the potential market share available but also assists in strategising how to capture it, providing a clear vision of the opportunities within your reach.


Amazon Comprehensive Brand Analysis

Our extensive brand review delivers granular reporting on over 200 data points. 


We provide:

  • Offer analysis over various periods to seller dynamics, buy box ownership, stock levels, active promotions, listing price trends and sales rank tracking, and your competitive standing within your subcategory

This service offers a 360-degree view of your brand’s performance on Amazon, equipping you with the knowledge to make informed strategic decisions.



Amazon Complete Sales Analysis & Strategy

Our most detailed audit requires backend access to integrate via API, allowing us to create full reports. 

We provide:

  • Inventory and stock management
  • Identifying lost sales opportunities due to stockouts
  • Revenue and inventory forecasting
  • Comprehensive review of advertising effectiveness
  • Customer lifetime value insights
  • Promotional activity audits
  • Content and listing optimisation appraisals
  • Buy box and sales performance analysis
  • Return analytics
  • Historical sales data comparisons