About Us

Market Rocket was founded in 2019 by Matt and Mia, driven by their dedication to applying their invaluable first-hand Amazon expertise. The mission was crystal clear: to share this wealth of knowledge with a diverse clientele and represent the number 1 product in every subcategory on Amazon, of which there are 25,000! Whether it's Fortune 500 giants, visionary startups, or market disruptors, we're here to redefine the possibilities for brands on the world's largest marketplace. As an SPN accredited and Amazon Ads Partner Agency, Market Rocket is built on a solid foundation of first-hand success. We don’t just push boundaries – we completely reshape them, crafting growth strategies that extend well beyond the traditional confines of your product’s subcategory. We understand that every subcategory comes with its perceived sales ceiling, but at Market Rocket, we see that as a challenge to be overcome, not a barrier. Our experienced team of Amazon experts leverage granular marketplace insights and a conversions focused approach to propel your brand to new heights of discoverability and profitability. By adopting a bird’s eye view of the Amazon landscape, we identify untapped opportunities and execute strategies that elevate your brand to a level of its own.

50+ Years of experience in a simple equation:

Success (revenue) on amazon is the constant hourly repetition of a simple equation based on the performance of a given ASIN:

(Organic Traffic * Conversion Rate) * Advertising

With the caveat that the timing and order of deployment of every strategy is absolutely critical to profitability.

We understand that trying to manage an Amazon account in-house often leads to divided attention and resources, pulling valuable team members away from strategic brand-building activities. The administrative workload can become overwhelming, consuming time that could be better utilised for crafting innovative marketing campaigns, launching new products, and enhancing overall customer experiences. Additionally, errors or misjudgments can result in costly consequences, be it missed opportunities or non-compliance penalties.


What sets us apart at Market Rocket is we recognise that excelling on Amazon requires a comprehensive skill set that no single individual, whether in-house or at an agency, possesses entirely. To address this, we’ve adopted a unique approach by dividing our Amazon agency into four core departments, each staffed with experienced specialists. 


These departments include: 


  • Account Management
  • Advertising & PPC Management 
  • SEO 
  • Creative/Graphic Design 


By allocating each client account with a team of specialists, each with expertise specifically tailored to their core skills in the four essential disciplines, our clients benefit from dedicated professionals working on the individual elements necessary for genuine success on Amazon. This approach not only sets us apart from other Amazon agencies but also ensures that our clients receive specialised support in every critical facet of Amazon management.

Amazon PPC & Advertising Management

On average, a search on Amazon will present you with 22% of sponsored/advertised real estate – advertising is required to succeed on Amazon. Our advertising team is fully certified, and we are a member of the Amazon Advertising Partner Network. Wherever the consumer navigates on Amazon, our ads will follow.

Advertising Services:

  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Extensive Keyword Reporting
  • Backend Search Terms Refinement
  • Campaign Audits
  • AI Led PPC Bid Management
  • Create New Ad Campaigns / Rebuild Existing Ad Campaigns
  • Develop Existing Ad Campaigns
  • Increase Product Page Traffic
  • Amazon Coupons, Promotions, and Deals
  • Competitor ASIN Research for Targeting
  • Category ASIN Research for Targeting

Account Management & Strategy

When it comes to product configuration and structure, it can be difficult for those without experience to understand and leverage the tools and functionality required to succeed. Our account management team effectively understand and leverage the data behind what makes a simple listing grow. We make driven choices based on performance relative to competitors and consumer decision-making.

Account Management Services:

  • Allocated Main Point Of Contact 
  • Seller Central Set-Up 
  • Weekly KPI Report 
  • Seller Central Management/Support 
  • Vendor Central Management/Support 
  • Purchase Order & Cost Price Management/Support
  • Brand Registry Application & Approval Category Approval 
  • FBA & Logistics Configuration 
  • FBA & Logistics Management/Support 
  • Onboard To Other Marketplaces 
  • Proactive Cost Recovery 
  • Multi-Channel Inventory Planning 
  • 1:1 Client Training 
  • Pricing Software Set-Up 
  • Pricing Administration 
  • Vouchers & Deals Set-Up 
  • Business Pricing Administration 
  • Product Photography, Renderings & Infographics 
  • New Product & Optimisation Uploads 
  • Listing Merging 
  • Variant Structuring 
  • Image Selection & Uploads 
  • Brand Management 
  • Review Management 
  • International Expansion 
  • International Listing Optimisation 
  • Administering Un-Authorized Sellers 
  • Customer Feedback Management 
  • Marketplace Compliance 
  • Product Ranking & Category Strategy
  • Seller Investigation
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Price Monitoring
  • Category Research
  • Detailed Reports and Campaign Tracking
  • Restructure Supply Chain
  • New Product Sourcing & Development
  • Comparative Product Analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Stock Analysis

Creative Management

Creative assets on listings are often the product of subjective opinion and pre-existing creations. However, our team of dedicated in-house designers works in parallel with data. Creative assets on listings are often the product of subjective opinion and pre-existing creations. However, our team of dedicated in-house designers works in parallel with data.

Creative Services:

  • A+ Content
  • A+ Brand Story
  • A+ Translations (Per Marketplace)
  • A+ A/B Testing
  • Listing Images + Infographics 
  • Listing Images Adapted For Additional Products
  • Listing Images Product Variations 
  • Listing Images Photoshop Images
  • Listing Images A/B Testing
  • Listing Image Translations
  • Product Photography
  • Product Photography Editing
  • Filming
  • Film Editing
  • Film Trimming
  • Videos Edited To Fit Product Listing Page
  • Videos Edited To Fit Brand Store
  • Audio Transcription
  • Sponsored Brand Ad Image
  • Sponsored Brand Ad Video
  • Sponsored Brand Ad Video + Audio Transcribing
  • Sponsored Brand Sponsored Display Banner
  • Uploading Content 

SEO & Copywriting

If you want your listings to get found on Amazon, reduce ad reliance or take market share away from your competitors, being indexed for relevant keywords is vital to your success. We prioritise keyword implementation by search volume, but also relevancy as appearing in search results that are relevant to the products have a higher chance of converting into sales. Many sellers who are looking to optimise listings for search over use keywords and do not give enough consideration to relevancy. At Market Rocket, we want to work with you to best educate ourselves on your products, to ensure that the keywords implemented into our copy are not only highly searched for, but also incredibly relevant.

Keyword indexing on Amazon is not a process that can only be implemented in the launch phase of the listing. What people are searching for, and the associated search volumes will change over time, we would therefore suggest refreshing your Amazon SEO every 6 months to ensure you are indexed. 

SEO Services:


  • Keyword Rich Product Titles
  • Precisely Crafted Bullet Points
  • Competitor Keyword/Search Term Analysis
  • Relevant Keyword/Search Term Analysis
  • Category Keyword/Search Term Analysis
  • Keyword/Search Term Generation
  • Keyword/Search Term Copy Implementation
  • Data Collation For Product Detail Attributes
  • Product/Brand/USP Knowledge Sharing & Data Collation
  • Organic Indexing Reporting



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