When Marketing Meets Mischief: The Top April Fools’ Stunts Pulled by Businesses

Welcome to the ultimate showcase of corporate shenanigans and marketing mischief! April Fools’ Day isn’t just for silly pranks between friends anymore—it’s become a playground for businesses to flex their creative muscles and tickle the funny bones of their customers. In this blog, we’re diving headfirst into the wacky world where marketing meets mischief, exploring the top April Fools’ stunts pulled off by savvy brands. Get ready to chuckle, groan, and maybe even facepalm a little as we celebrate the delightful absurdity of corporate tomfoolery! (Don’t worry we’ll be putting the spotlight on the fails too).

VP Of Ghost Hunting

Tinder kicked things off with a hilarious job listing for a seasoned Ghost Hunter!Your mission? Dive deep into the enigma of unanswered texts, categorise ghosters, and track down elusive daters who won’t text back. Oh, and also – figure out that this is a prank.

Watch the whole thing here


Gymboxofficial recently dropped a bombshell announcement about their newest class, GYMBARX, where they claim to combine canine companionship with cardio workouts. From “pawsonal” trainers to intense rounds of “furpees” and leash pulls, it’s quite the tail-wagging twist! We have a feeling people were disappointed this wasn’t real

Watch the whole thing here

Love Aisleland

ALDI swooped in with another one with some singles secretly hoping it was the real deal! With their announcement of #LoveAisleland, they’re teasing shoppers with the possibility of finding love on the aisles this summer. From “check out the market” to securing your “Specialguy,” it’s a whimsical twist on supermarket romance.

Watch the whole thing here

Of course, a bunch of food brands couldn’t resist getting in on the action too. Check out these playful announcements from Krispy Kreme, Oreo and Sour Patch Kids!

Glaze it, baby!

Watch the whole thing here

Oreo Heartbreak

Watch the whole thing here

Sour Patch Sadness

Watch the whole thing here

The Poisonous Potato Update

Each year, Minecraft and Mojang Studios keep the laughs rolling with their quirky and entertaining April Fools’ updates. And this year, the spotlight finally shines on the often-overlooked Poisonous Potato, even granting the spud its own dimension for adventurous players to explore!

Watch the whole thing here

Smashing Pranks

We don’t think Alison Hammond was the only one who was fooled during This Morning’s jaw-dropping prank! With co-host Dermot O’Leary and the ”guest” in on the joke, and a £30,000 vase on the line –  absolute tomfoolery. Honestly, we applaud the acting. Could you imagine if this had been real? The horror!

Watch the whole thing here

Sniff The Walls

Dulux has just unveiled its latest paint, and it’s one for the history books: a limited edition scented paint range that promises to turn your walls into a sweet-smelling paradise. From velvety Hazelnut Truffle to the tempting aroma of Caramel Cream, these paints will fill your room with delicious fragrances. And let’s be real, we kind of want the ‘scratch and sniff’ paint cards…

Watch the whole thing here (reel)

Emotional Baggage

Finally, a mode of transportation that can handle all our problems! With Amtrak’s introduction of the Emotional Baggage car, there’s a designated space for all the sorrows we bring onboard.

Watch the whole thing here

The Cthulhu Chair By The Razer

The Razer’s Cthulhu gaming chair may not pass as the most believable one, but it’s undeniably creative! We truly enjoyed the effort. Not to say that we wouldn’t be first in line if this ever became a reality. And with AI, honestly, who knows what’s possible these days.
Watch the whole thing here (reel)

The Nr 1 Influencer Tool

Ixigo’s Flyfie might not have fooled many, except perhaps the guy inquiring about the price… Nevertheless, it certainly earns top marks for effort and creativity!
Watch the whole thing here

April Fools’ Flops: The Failed Marketing Pranks of Businesses 2024

Now, let’s explore some April Fools’ Day pranks that didn’t quite hit the mark! While many companies aim to delight and entertain with their creative antics, not every attempt is a resounding success. Here, we’re taking a closer look at the April Fools’ stunts that fell short of expectations. It’s time to brace yourself for that possible facepalm!

Not So Innocent Grape Juice

Oh, Innocent – while your April Fools’ prank may not go down in history as the worst, we were hoping for a bit more from you. Unless, of course, this is a subtle nod to your foray into winemaking – in which case, consider our interest piqued…

Watch the whole thing here

Elon Musk Joins Disney

Elon Musk’s attempt at an April Fool’s Day joke fell flat as he targeted Disney and their supposed “woke” programming, which is honestly just tired and played out by now. And to add to the weirdness, X jumped on the April Fool’s Day antics too, saying they’d make all user DMs, drafts, and bookmarks public – a move that raised eyebrows rather than laughter.

Watch the whole thing here

Hide Your DMs

Did Elon write this? 

Watch the whole thing here

TP To Uranus

We get it, puns are funny, and they sure have a lot of them in here! However, we can’t help but cringe a little. Aren’t Uranus and poop jokes kind of overdone?

Watch the whole thing here

Tesla Goes Bankrupt

Of course, none of these quite compare to Elon Musk’s infamous Twitter announcement back in 2018, claiming that Tesla was going bankrupt following a significant drop in stocks – a move that caused shares to plummet even further by an additional 5%!

Watch the whole thing here


Neither does it compare to Volkswagen’s ill-fated rebranding as Voltswagen, in honour of their supposed new electric vehicles, not letting go of the joke until after stocks started to rise. It ended in a lot of disappointment – a classic example of taking it too far.

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