The document is intended to provide general information and guidelines only. It is not a substitute for legal advice. All promotional campaigns should be analysed on a case-by-case basis for legal compliance.


Contract Date: This contract was made on the date below. This contract is betweenThe creator and the brand or advertiser.


The advertiser and the creator acknowledge the terms of this contract and will comply.


This contract will begin once the gifted product is confirmed by the influencer. A new contract will be created for any renewal of the term.


Payment will exist in the form of the agreed gifted product (and/or) commission only. The gift will be made at the start or during the campaign. Any revisal or alteration of the gift will need further approval from the brand or advertiser.

  1. The content creator should create original content that is decent, honest, and factual. A form of review will take place concerning the product and service from the advertiser.
  1. The approved created content will be shared by the content creator to his/her social media accounts listed above.
  1. The brand or advertiser has agreed with the content creator to add tags, links, or titles in the description of the uploaded media. Appropriate tags/product mentions will be communicated via email.
  1. The content should be compliant with the terms and conditions of the social media platform being used.
  1. The content should not contain any vulgar language and should be suited for every audience.
  1. Section IV at the end of this contract outlines the agreed content between the advertiser and the influencer, as well as the platform(s) it shall be published on.
  1. The content timeline is to be agreed upon once the gifted product is being prepared for sending. All content is to be posted within 2 weeks of receiving the gifted product.
  1. MEDIA – Both parties are allowed to share imagery produced on their own respective channels. Images of the finished product should be sent via email to the content coordinator (

VII. CONFIDENTIALITY – This contract is strictly confidential and only authorised persons are allowed to see.

VIII. AMENDMENT – This contract can only be changed or modified through the written consent of both parties (advertiser and influencer).


At least one video or instagram Reel showcasing the products with tags to the brand/advertiser in the description. Creative freedom is encouraged in how this is conducted. Direct call to action to order the product and use the discount code provided.

All imagery and video content will be shared with the content coordinator for use across the advertiser’s channels, including but not limited to social media, website, press releases, and paid advertising. Across all but paid advertising, a tag will be added as appropriate directly crediting the influencer’s social media handle.

Please agree to the terms of this contract by signing below.