Effective marketing activity needs effective strategy. 

Market Rocket focuses on your brand’s core offering and optimises outward; starting by delivering a strong growth strategy, and delivering marked improvements across each of your marketing channels in order to reach brand goals.

The Brand – Pulsin

Pulsin have been a major player in the UK health food and sports nutrition space for many years now, originally built by three entrepreneurs with a passion for creating genuine health foods with sustainable ingredients, and never compromising on taste or quality. 15 years on from beginning its journey the brand now has a team of 50 at their HQ in Gloucestershire, with a firm stance on sustainability and the environment, using renewable energy-powered processes and a Zero-to-Landfill manufacturing policy. Pulsin’s model is to sell Direct To Consumer from their web store, driving traffic and sales with Social Media, Paid Advertising through Google and Meta, with a dedicated community also receiving offers and info via an email newsletter service.

Overview and key delivery

In the last quarter of 2022, Pulsin began collaborating with Market Rocket to implement a strategy of marketing-led growth, tuning and optimising every aspect of the brand’s advertising approach. 

Market Rocket’s expert web development team developed a framework of ongoing on-page and technical SEO that would result in a significant increase in organic traffic reaching the site. Multiple website issues were addressed, and on-page errors targeted and corrected quickly and effectively. Broken links and slow load times were also addressed, as well as some of the site’s signup integration with Mailchimp.

This was bolstered by a refresh of the brand’s Paid Advertising solution spearheaded by the PPC team. Google and Meta Ads were refreshed with more effective images and copy, driving an increase in ROAS from PPC. Ads were also brought online to more accurately retarget those customers that had visited the site but not completed signup or registration to the brand’s subscription services.

Social Media channel content was addressed by the Market Rocket team in order to lend a more current and relevant vibe, allowing the gains from SEO to be reinforced, with even more traffic through better social engagement with Pulsin’s target demographic. 

Email marketing was also reviewed and began optimisation, as the main audience had become disengaged through repeated too-frequent mail comms. Abandoned basket and post-signup flows were tidied up and the main audience more accurately segmented to drive better click-through figures from mail campaigns.


  • High authority domain links increased referral traffic of 87%.
  • increase in sales revenue in-month by 15% 
  • Christmas competition, hosted on multiple sites to drive new user traffic, as well as a number of referral links placed on high authority domains.

Email marketing

  • Email offers drove a 15% increase in web sales over the Black Friday weekend.
  • Abandoned cart flows corrected, and customer retention/loyalty discount mails corrected and published.
  • Christmas Advent Calendar competition resulted in 20k signups.  

Social Media

  • 46% Instagram reach increase to around 45,000 followers
  • 300% growth rate in engaged followers. 
  • Post engagement rates now exceed 30%
  • web traffic driven by social media interaction up 23%.

PR and Influencers

  • Articles in Health & Wellbeing and other popular publications
  • Relationships established to push Pulsin Sports Nutrition-focused products at future national and international sporting events.