Leveraging Facebook & Instagram Advertising To Generate High Quality Leads For Financial Advisors
With nearly three billion users on Facebook and over 1.3 billion instagram users, the two social media giants offer a wealth of opportunity for getting products and services in front of potential customers.
In this case study, we’ll highlight how we helped a leading financial services company (henceforth referred to as “The Company”) leverage the power of Facebook and Instagram to generate qualified leads and facilitate direct contact with potential clients. By strategically utilising these social media platforms, The Company successfully increased brand visibility, engaged with their target audience, and drove valuable leads to their business. This case study showcases the effectiveness of Facebook and Instagram for lead generation and the impact it had on The Company’s growth. We will outline the campaign objectives, advertising strategy, implementation process, and the key results the PPC specialists at Market Rocket achieved for The Company.

Financial Services Company (“The Company”) Background

The company is a leading financial services company with a strong reputation in the financial services sector. They specialise in investment management, retirement planning, and wealth advisory services. With a commitment to providing personalised financial solutions, they cater to a wide range of clients, including individuals, families, and businesses. The Company’s primary goal is to empower their clients to make informed financial decisions and achieve their long-term financial goals.

The Objective

The Company aimed to enhance their lead generation efforts by utilising the massive potential of the Meta platforms, Facebook and Instagram, through social media advertising. The Company recognised the immense reach and targeting capabilities of these platforms, along with the potential engagement capabilities, and sought to leverage them to generate high-quality leads. The primary objective was to drive potential clients to provide their contact information, enabling The Company to initiate direct communication and convert these leads into clients. With a well-defined strategy and tailored ad campaigns from the Market Rocket team, The Company aimed to generate high-quality leads and improve overall conversion rates.
The key objectives agreed between Market Rocket and The Company were as follows:
  • Increase brand awareness and visibility among the target audience
  • Generate high-quality leads by targeting specific demographics and interests
  • Improve engagement and conversion rates through compelling ad creatives and effective ad placement
  • Optimise the cost per lead and maximise the return on investment (ROI)

Lead Generation Advertising Strategies 

With the key objectives laid out, Market Rocket devised and implemented the following strategies to fully capitalise on the power of social media advertising:

Facebook Business Manager Account Setup

The Company did not have a Facebook Business Manager account, so Market Rocket set an account up on their behalf, allowing us to manage and track their advertising campaigns effectively. We connected their Instagram account to the Business Manager account for seamless campaign management and integration.

Campaign Creation

We structured The Company’s campaigns based on specific goals, such as lead generation, and created ad sets within each campaign for different target audiences. The Company, using advice provided by Market Rocket’s PPC experts, defined their ad budgets and we set their targeting parameters and selected appropriate ad formats for each ad set.

Audience Targeting

The Company identified their target audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviours relevant to their financial services through comprehensive market research. We then utilised Facebook and Instagram’s advanced targeting options to reach the most relevant audience segment, refining the audience based on factors such as age, location, gender, interests, and job titles.

Compelling Ad Content and Appropriate Ad Format

Engaging ad content was created to capture the attention of the target audience. This included attention grabbing headlines, concise and persuasive copy, visually appealing and eye-catching graphics, and compelling calls-to-action (CTAs) that encouraged users to take action by clicking on the ads and providing their contact information.

Ad Placement

Market Rocket strategically placed The Company’s ads in the news feed of the target audience, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement. Ads were also displayed on Instagram’s explore page, stories, and in the right column of Facebook’s desktop platform, further expanding the ad reach and impact.

A/B Testing

Crucial to any advertising campaign to optimise ad performance, we conducted A/B testing on different ad variations. We tested variations in visuals, ad copy, CTAs, and targeting parameters to identify specific combinations that yielded the highest conversion rates. Continuous monitoring and iteration allowed us to refine our approach and maximise The Company’s lead generation.

Ad Tracking and Optimisation

To measure the effectiveness of their ad campaigns, we implemented Facebook Pixel and custom conversion tracking. This enabled us to track and analyse user actions, such as ad clicks, form submissions, and lead acquisitions. Real-time data analysis helped us optimise campaigns, allocate budgets appropriately, and refine targeting parameters for maximum lead generation. Constant monitoring and optimisation of The Company’s ad campaigns allowed us to identify and implement the most effective approaches for lead generation.

Social Media Advertising Results

Through Market Rocket’s successful implementation, and constant monitoring and optimisation of the above strategies, The Company’s Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns yielded significant results.

Increased Brand Awareness

Over the reporting period, the campaign reached over 1 million users, resulting in a 20% increase in brand recognition within The Company’s target market.

Increased Lead Generation and Quality

The campaign generated over 5,000 leads, surpassing the agreed goal by 25%. The leads generated by the campaign exhibited a high conversion potential thanks to Market Rocket’s precise ad targeting and included contact information provided by users through Facebook and Instagram, indicating a high level of interest in The Company’s services. Improving the quality of the leads by specifically targeting demographics interested in financial services, the likelihood of successful conversion and long-term client retention also increased.

Improved Conversion Rates with Direct Contact Initiation

By implementing compelling ad creatives and effective CTAs, Market Rocket achieved a 15% increase in overall conversion rates for The Company. Due to the implementation of contact forms within the ad campaigns, The Company were able to establish direct communication with the leads, enabling them to follow up and provide personalised financial advice tailored to each individual’s needs. This direct contact facilitated the conversion process and helped nurture leads into clients.

Cost-Effective Results

The cost per lead generated was optimised by 30% through continuous campaign optimisation and A/B testing, lowering the cost per lead when compared with traditional lead generation methods. Market Rocket were able to optimise The Company’s ad spend to achieve maximum results within their allocated budget and increase their ROI.

Case Study Summary

By leveraging Facebook and Instagram advertising, Market Rocket were able to successfully generate high-quality leads for The Company while achieving all campaign objectives. The strategic use of audience targeting, compelling ad creatives, ad formats, continuous optimisation, and seamless lead capture process played a crucial role in the ad campaigns’ success. The Company was able to establish a personalised connection with potential clients by initiating direct contact, increasing conversions and driving growth for their business.
This case study highlights the effectiveness of Facebook and Instagram advertising for lead generation and emphasises the importance of understanding the target audience, utilising advanced advertising tools, and iterative optimisation to maximise lead generation on the Facebook and Instagram platforms. Through successful leveraging of social media to reach and engage with a highly targeted audience, it is possible to increase leads and lead quality,  and drive growth for businesses within the financial services industry.